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We help food and dairy facilities save money by reducing energy costs.

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R2 Energy Solutions is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and lowering operating costs. Lowering your maintenance costs and reduce energy use while impacting the environment is a win-win.

We partner with our customers to discover ways to change how they use energy.  From boilers, to refrigeration, to lighting, to heating and cooling, R2 Energy Solutions shows our customers how to lower energy costs and reap the long-term benefit of a 24-month payback, or less.

R2 Energy Solutions uncovers where your facility’s energy is being used inefficiently, keeping more of your money where it’s supposed to be: in your profits.

We combine our 30 years of experience in the Food and Dairy Industry with a holistic approach to improving energy efficiency. That means we check all the nooks and crannies, not just where the usual suspects hide.

Grab your free consultation now. We’ll talk more about what we do and schedule a time for R2 to perform an energy audit. Our energy audit develops baseline criteria so we can target our efforts and save you money.

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We know your passion is in what you do. But it takes more than passion to keep the lights on.
We’re here to help you keep them on. But for less money.

There are plenty of valid business expenses.
Wasted energy isn’t one.

Lower energy usage doesn’t just lower your bills.
Our energy savings solutions reduce maintenance costs and create safer and more productive work environment.
Savings that you’ll reap year after year.

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Our systems are designed to save you money and lower your operating costs, creating a win-win scenario.

…and a few more benefits:

  • lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • increase your boiler efficiency by 15% or more.
  • increase the life of your boiler.
  • increase chiller efficiency by 15% or more.
  • increase lighting efficiency and the life of your lighting.
  • improve system reliability.
  • provide a safer work environment.
  • create a more productive work force.
  • lower environmental impact.

Some of our recommended changes are done by your people, saving you money right now.

Others make you eligible for extra savings with your local utility companies. R2 Energy Solutions does all the rebate work for you, making the return on your investment even shorter.


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With an array of methods to reduce your energy costs, R2 Energy Solutions is your comprehensive expert for:


After you grab your spot for a free consultation, check out these blog posts to learn more about reducing your energy costs.

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Amazing Service!

When it comes to energy audits, R@ Energy Solutions bends over backards to get feedback from our people.

– Hannah Adams Facility Manager

Very Practical!

We like the idea that many of the suggested changes we can do ourselves. Saving us money on labor and energy.

– Michael Thomas Plant Manager

Great Payback!

The property owners were imnpressed with the speed of the implementation and that the project has a payback period of less than 18 months.

– Gene Bradshaw Mechanical Engineer

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Our Mission:

Energy waste erodes the profits of Food and Dairy Processing facilities every year. R2 Energy Solutions can identify areas where the energy is wasted, make cost effective solution recommendations, and implement innovative technology that will have a dramatic impact on plant wide energy costs. R2 Energy Solutions demonstrates the value and effect of energy savings with guaranteed results.

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