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Heating and Cooling Systems

There is more to HVAC than installing a Smart Thermostat

Integrated HVAC Control Technology

Complete HVAC control technology is the most efficient method to reduce overall energy use when heating and cooling is used.  This system uses software with various sensors and controlled ducting to integrate control of your facilities’ heating and cooling as a whole unit for your facility.  This system uses heat recovery technology to augment your heating and cooling needs. This system virtually eliminates energy waste, saving you up to 40% on your facilities’ heating and cooling costs.  Contact us for details.  For those who like to read technical papers, download this article.

Advanced HVAC Technology for Less Costly Heating & Cooling

Heating and Cooling technology has advanced far over the last several years.  Exisitng systems may be retrofitted, for instance, with a condensing heating system, reducing your overall investment, but still saving your facility 15% to 40% on your heating bill.  Cooling systems can be improved by using different chilling methods, yet, still provide a pyaback of less than 2 years. The payback from this investment is often less than 18 months.  Contact us for details.  For those who like to read technical papers, download this article.

And More HVAC Technology for Reducing Energy Costs

We can employ many other energy efficient technologies to save energy and reduce your heating and cooling energy costs.  Some of these technologies include: new condensing units, more energy efficient system location, type of HVAC system used, and different control technology to improve room comfort and reduce energy waste.  Lower costs and an improved work environment, what a great combination.  Contact us for details.

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Energy waste erodes the profits of Food and Dairy Processing facilities every year. R2 Energy Solutions can identify areas where the energy is wasted, make cost effective solution recommendations, and implement innovative technology that will have a dramatic impact on plant wide energy costs. R2 Energy Solutions demonstrates the value and effect of energy savings with guaranteed results.

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