Practical Energy Saving Ideas

While it is easy to overlook how energy is used and how energy is wasted.  A simple review of energy use habits can reveal where energy costs can be lowered, and as a result, your profits will not be wasted up the stack.  These fixes can be anywhere from changing bad habits to  installing new technology yourself.  Here are some basic fixes that you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

DIY Energy Audit

1) Install a programmable thermostat.  The newer thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and can be easily programmed, and even have multiple programs, through a phone App.  Payback on this thermostat can be as little as 3-months.

2) Install LED lighting where possible.  Various LED bulbs are readily available.  Prices have dropped dramatically over the last 3-years., so if you once thought LED bulbs were price prohibitive, check out the prices again.  You will be surprised.  Payback on the LED bulbs usually range from 3-6 months.

3) Have your insulation inspected.  This not only includes your office space, but also your steam or chilled pipe lines.  Over the years of settling, and use, or abuse, by age, and mechanics, your insulation may not be doing the job it did when it was newly installed.  Even though there is a small cost for a professional to inspect your facility, most of the insulation can be installed by your personnel.  Newer pipe insulation will be more user friendly and newer roof/attic insulation will have less dependency to settle compared to your insulation installed years ago.  Payback on improved insulation is usually 3-6 months if installed yourself.  Plus, you may qualify for an energy rebate.

4) Have your facility inspected for energy leaks.  This includes windows, ducting, roof access panels, cracks in your exterior walls, steam traps not working, and more.  These “leaks” can usually be fixed by your staff.  Again, payback is short – 3-6 months.

For more information on practical energy saving ideas: Getting help starting your own energy audit, check out EPA’s Benchmarking Starter Kit.

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