Reduce Greenhouse Emissions Directly and Indirectly

Directly: Reducing Natural Gas Consumption –

There are additional benefits to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than reducing the environmental impact, perhaps the best benefit is how this effort can positively affect your bottom-line.  Technology has improved greatly over the last five years to improve boiler efficiencies to heights that were unheard of 5 years ago.  Today your current boiler can be retrofitted to attain efficiencies above 92%.  To calm your skepticism, some of this technology is inexpensive, with payback of less than 24 months (yes, even at today’s low natural gas prices), and some of the technology will have a payback of 4 years.  Of course, the size of your boiler(s) and the number of days of operation will impact your individual payback.

Here are technologies that are available now, that will improve boiler efficiency, reduce GHG and save your money:

1) Install an integrated boiler control system.  Using technology that is comparable to the modern car engine, this readily available, economical solution to improving boiler efficiency will control boiler combustion, drum levels, blow-down, and emissions to improve boiler efficiency by up to 5% and keep your boiler emission compliant.  One component of this system is O2 trim, for analysis of this technology, read this article at Department of Energy DOE’s website on O2 Trim. See our Boiler Retrofit web-page for more technical details.  Or contact us for more information.  Produce the steam your system requires, yet at a lower cost, reduce GHG emissions, and have a payback of 24-months or less.

2) Gain an additional 10% heat recovery and boiler efficiency by installing a condensing economizer.  This economizer uses waste heat from your flue stack to recover energy for various uses at the plant.  The condensing economizer lowers your flue stack temperature, which is about 135°F for products of combustion of natural gas. to below its dew point, increasing your efficiency by reclaiming both sensible heat from the flue gas and latent heat. For your reference and examples see DOE’s articles on “Consider Installing a Condensing Economizer” and “Considerations When Selecting a Condensing Economizer“.  Installing a condensing economizer will have a direct impact on reducing GHG and reduce your boiler operating cost through energy savings.  Payback on installation of this system can be less than 3-years.  Contact us for more information.

As political and public pressure continue to slowly turn the tide of using hydrocarbon-based fuels, technology and manufacturing methods will slowly change for the better.  Renewable Renewable energy prices have dropped dramatically over the last couple of years and prices are expected to continue to drop.  This is a positive trend to reduce our hydrocarbon-based fuel use.  Right now, the natural gas supply is high, and prices are at an all-time low.  But, efforts are still underway that explore both carbon capture technology and carbon conversion technology technology.  While there is not an immediate cost-effective solution, there is constant global research and steady progress to reduce GHG emissions and improve our environment.

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